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Colour Lybrary

A while back I got to make a bunch of colouringpages for a few lybraries in the North of the Netherlands! I can tell you, I so underestimated making the pages! Such a good lesson though and enjoyed making these. So cool to see the difference between all these buildings en locations. Hope I get to make […]

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Going Digital Dutch

I recently picked up digital painting, and though I know I have a lot to learn, I think this is a vert nice start. This will probably be part of a series. This painting is kind of inspired by the “Dutch Kiss”… the kissing dolls in Delfts Blue. I have gone through quite some changes […]

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Ready, set, go!

And there it is! My very first post on my newly decorated website. It has been a while overdue, but here we go! Ready to get designing, illustrating en creating! I wish you all welcome, and have fun taking a peak at my work.

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