A little while back I decided I needed an artistname instead of my own, very hard to pronounce name for, well, pretty much anyone who doesn’t speak Dutch! So from now on I’ll work under the name ‘WolfBern’!

and ofcourse this name didn’t just come falling from the sky! It’s kind of the story of my origine in one name. I was born and raised in a small village in the North of the Netherlands called ‘Wolvega’, wich pretty much means ‘place of wolves’. So this accounts for the first part of this name.

Now on to the last part of the word. In the north, in the province Friesland a lot of people speak ‘Frysian’. The word ‘Bern’ means ‘child’ in this language. And as I wil always be the child and product of this lovely little village and it’s people in it, I believe this a very fitting mashup of words!

This meant a logo had to be made to go with this new name. Very pleased by the outcome!

Wolfbern logo artist name illustration




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